Quitting Job Is Scary, But Would You Give It A Try?

I’m scared, but I will.

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Be well packed and go.
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Have you ever thought of quitting your current job? If you’ve had that fugitive idea once, you definitely have your own reason. No matter what it is, rational or irrational for you or for other people, I believe that you’re not happy with your job.

When I’m not happy, I make changes. Changes don’t mean that you have to quit your job, it means that you will find ways to untangle your feelings and make you happy.

Why do you want to quit your job?

There are plenty of reasons why people want to leave their job to seek another one.

You’re probably not satisfied with the working environment, you colleagues are toxic, your boss is a jerk, you don’t have a clear and promising career path there, your salary doesn’t meet your expectation, you’re always overwhelmed with deadlines making your life crooked. Or simply you have just moved in with your girlfriend and the daily commute exhausts you. Or one day you wake up, you feel that it’s not your life if you continue your job.

The idea of quitting my job has been haunting me for a long time.

My current job is good, people are telling me that. I have nothing to complain about the office, everything is well-equipped. I need a desk near the window, where I can see the streets, the buildings, people moving, where I can feel the sunlight, well I got it.

My colleagues are not toxic, my boss is supportive. At the company, I have a concrete career path. My salary is enough for me to pay my bills and to save up a little. What else? Even I can work flexibly and comfortably to balance my life.

So why I keep thinking about leaving my job?

I remember the day I got interviewed, I told my boss that I would work at the company for at least a year. Anyone’s ever said that? He quickly understood that I would have another plan after a year. Luckily, I still got the job. The fact is that I have been working there for almost 2 years now.

However, my point is that the reason why I need to quit my job is not because of my job itself in the first place. It’s just not my life goal. I never see a full-time job at a company is what I’m looking for.

I want to be my own boss, where I’m fully responsible for what I do, and the results reflect my real efforts. I have never felt fulfilled with this line of work, it is never a place where I can be motivated to develop myself more and more, and I’m not living my life.

But why is it already almost 2 years? Maybe “It’s life” as we often say. Maybe I have not put in enough effort.

Facing the decision, we always have our fears.

1. A new start

As you stay in a zone long enough, you gradually have it under control until it becomes your comfort zone.

Your current working environment could be unsuitable and your boss could be tough but you’re familiar with it. The current income couldn’t meet your expectation but quitting the job doesn’t mean you will have another one with a better salary. Similarly, the picture of a new career path could be drawn vividly by interviewers, but it would come under many conditions.

I see some people left for some promising benefits, but then came back because the new job didn’t go as they expected.

I’m stating all the facts just to prove the power of your comfort zone. Although your zone is not comfortable as its name sounds and it has its own flaws, you are used to it and you well manage it.

Getting out of the zone, you have to deal with a lot of challenges and risks, which make you hesitant and scared to take.

I’m scared too. I have committed to my job for almost 2 years now. In case I switch to a new job, it has to be in a totally new field, so I will have to be a fresher again. It will be not only a new job, new challenges but also a fresher’s income.

It takes courage to make a decision.

2. Responsibility

That’s not all the fears you have to face, a much bigger one is the responsibility for your beloved people.

You can make decisions only causing risks for you, but those that cause risks for your beloved ones will make you disheartened.

Quitting your job to start a new one could lead to some income disruptions, which makes it harder for you to financially support your family for example.

Many people out there have to admit that’s how life works to keep going on, to accomplish their life’s responsibilities, and never dare to once live a life that they really want.

Your choice?

I know all of that is scary, it’s still happening all around you, but what is your decision?

I’m not writing this to encourage everyone to quit their job. As I said earlier “Changes don’t mean that you have to quit your job, it means that you will find ways to untangle your feelings and make you happy.” You should make some changes, so do I.

My all-time motto is “There is always a solution”.

The fact is that after the first half-year of working, I knew how bad the feeling of “not wanting to go to work every morning” was. That was the first time I’d thought I had to change.

I decided to apply for a job vacancy in my company, which I thought is a better fit for my personality than the old one. It took another 6 months to get used to and truly well handle it. The positive thing I got is that the new position gives me more responsibility and flexibility, which allows me to have time for other plans.

The first change did work.

The second change is that six months ago I decided to write every morning. And the third change, quitting my job, hopefully, will come as I’m planning.

Reflecting on the risks, I question myself if my current job is really not good enough. Why don’t I keep living in my comfort and safe zone then settle down?

I know I have the answer that “I’m not happy with this job, I’m not myself doing this”.

I’m anxious to face that decision, but the only thing I can do is to be as well-prepared as I can. I hold a belief that any goal needs a deadline, so you have the motivation to do it. There will be certainly insecurities, but when you think it through, just go ahead.

Ask yourself “are you happy with what you’re doing? If not, let’s make a change”.



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